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Here are some pictures of a peddle launcher for electric planes that we
use.  It is a simple channel design that can be made 36" or 48" long.   The
board just above the bottom pivots in the center to allow the pin to be
exposed or un-exposed to release the line.  The channel box is made from
1 x 4 x 36 or 48.  The pads on the top rails are foam insulation for water pipes.
We use 50 feet of hi-start tubing that is 3/8" ID and 1/8" wall thickness.   Double the

tubing making a length of 25 feet.  Use and eye hoop at either end of the tubing.  A 10 or
12 inch nail is used at one end to anchor the tubing.   At the launcher end use a 6" piece
of nylon string and use another eye hoop at the end of the string to attach to the tow hook
on the plane.   The tow hook on the plane sound be located a 50% between the nose of
the plane and the leading edge of the wing at the fuselage.

Peddle-web2.jpg (32883 bytes) Peddle-web3.jpg (32693 bytes)
Peddle-web1.jpg (14896 bytes) Peddle-4.jpg (13672 bytes)



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