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"K&A Models Unlimited's 30th Year Anniversary"


This is the 30th year that K&A Models Unlimited has been in business.

To Celebrate K&A Models thought it would be fitting to re-release their original Mini-1 Slope glider. The Mini-1 was the very first kit that K&A Models designed, developed, and produce in 1985 when K&A Models was founded. In fact the little Mini-1 was the very design that put K&A Models on the map!

K&A Models will be re-releasing their wood kit of the Mini-1 with foam core wings as the original kit was offered. K&A Models greatly appreciates the modelers that have supported us over the years.

The Original Mini-1Slope Glider

Balsa and foam kit

Mini-1's on grass ezone.jpg (317908 bytes)

Now available original Mini-1 sloper balsa and foam kit.
Please see under slope page for more details


The Original Silerstreak (AKA) KAM-U 50" slope glider

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K&A Models will be re-releasing their original Silverstreak (AKA) the KAM-U 50" slope glider in its orginal balsa and foam core wings version.



OV-10 Bronco for Speed 400's

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Now available OV-10 Bronco wood built-up kit. For more details
please see under the speed 400 page




A-10 Warthog EDF

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Now available A-10 Warthog EDF Please see under EDF page for details




All hollow molded Fast Build kit
for sport aerobatic

New Fusion-400 on the grass-2.jpg (279559 bytes)
Designed for use with speed 400 sized motors.  

Park Zone P-51 "B"
conversion kit with the
Malcolm hood

Malcolm on grass-1jpg.jpg (343910 bytes)
Please visit our accessories page.

Park Zone P-51"B"
conversion kit

Park Zone mustangs-1-1.jpg (307012 bytes)
Please visit our accessories page.



"All hollow molded Fast build kit"
for slope soaring

ARF Mini-1-5.jpg (169788 bytes)


All hollow molded Fast Build Kit

ARF L-39 full frame-6-7.jpg (139248 bytes)

All molded Me-163"
for speed 500 motor size

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KI-46 Dinah Review

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For details please look under our
Multi-Motor page.


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