Park Zone P-51"B"conversion kit


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Part # PZP-51
$45.00 plus $9.00 S&H

Here is what comes with the conversion kit

Park zone ABS parts layout.jpg (135878 bytes)

There are four main ABS parts.   First is the clear canopy seen top center.  This also has the front of the rear turtle deck attached.  Next you have the rear ABS turtle deck, the vertical fin face plate and the vertical transition piece that blends the rear turtle deck into the vertical fin.  That's it!  These four pieces turn your stock P-51"D" into a P-51"B" model.  The other pieces are for the cockpit.  You have a instrument panel with the anti glare panel molded in, a radio box, a set of gun blisters that turn the three gun blisters you have into a two guns and a front and back seat rest.   The kits with a photo CD and where always around if you hit a bump.



Park Zone P-51 "B" conversion kit with
the Malcolm hood.

Malcolm held shoot-1.jpg (215312 bytes)

This kit is the same as the one described above
except it comes with the Malcolm canopy instead
of the stock "B" canopy as shown above.

Part # PZP-51M
$45.00 plus $9.00 S&H